Ten Outrageous Ideas For Your Pressure Washer


Pressure washing your driveway is one of the most common household tasks pressure washers are used for. It may be time-consuming, but there’s no denying it can make an unsightly mess look clean and tidy. If you are looking to do something slightly more exciting with your pressure washer, here are ten suggestions on how to use your pressure washer for more than just cleaning.

1) Wash The Siding On Your House

If you have siding on your house, why not try out how well your pressure washer works. If you don’t have a steady stream of water coming from your city or are worried about damaging the colour or paintwork, you can always opt for the spray gun feature on your pressure washer. This will give you more power but less of a stream to clean with.

2) Clean The Garage Floor

If you have a garage floor, chances are it is relatively dirty and full of debris that has fallen from cars driving through. If the dirt is dried on there, use your regular house detergent or clean car soap to break down the grime before giving it a thorough wash. If the dirt has gone into cracks between concrete slabs, use an old toothbrush to get at those nasty bits!

3) Get Rid Of Mildew Around The House

Mildew appears when mould spores are exposed to excessive moisture for too long. It would help if you stopped the mould (by controlling the humidity) and then killed off the spores to prevent its return. Your pressure washer can help you do both of these things.

4) Wash The Sidings On Your House

If your siding looks a little dirty, wet it down with your pressure washer’s spray gun feature on the low force before spraying it with shampoo. Once the washing solution has had time to get in between crevices, turn up the heat on your pressure washer so you can blast away all the dirt! Ensure to rinse off your house afterwards if you use soap or detergent, so nothing is left behind.

5) Clean The Siding Around

Your House If You Have Brick Or Stone Siding If your house has stone or brick siding, it usually means it has a rough exterior surface. Your pressure washer’s spray gun feature will help you dust off cobwebs and dirt from the crevices that settle into these harder to reach areas.

6) Clean The Grout In Your Tiles And Showers

To keep your grout lines clean, regularly wash them with your pressure washer’s spray gun feature on the low force. Use an old toothbrush to get up against corners and edges such as around taps, where bacteria can pile up (more than usual).

7) Wash Your Car

Check out how much easier it is to remove mud and salt stains from your car roof now you have access to a long stream of water! You will probably need to use a spray gun feature if your car’s body is in terrible shape. The water pressure in the spray gun isn’t as intense, but it gets the job done!

8) Wash Your Bicycle (Depending On The Model)

If you have one of those models that let you take off the wheels and fill up the bike with water, go ahead and give it a clean. Just make sure you dry off any excess moisture using an old towel afterwards, so rust doesn’t form on moving parts or cables. Be careful not to blast air into your bike when you are doing this, though, as it can damage some pretty nasty.

9) Get Rid Of Pet Stains Around The House

If you have pets in your house, chances are you may have some nasty looking stains around the floor and up the walls. Your pressure washer can help blast away any pet stains before they start to smell or leave a permanent mark on your home.

10) Wash The Siding On Your House The Right Way!

It’s one thing using a pressure washer to remove dirt from exterior surfaces that regular soap and water won’t cut through. However, once you get past all that, please don’t use it as a way of washing off your house paintwork too. It would help if you never turned up the power or spray gun feature for this purpose either because it might damage the surface it is being aimed at. However, if done correctly, its powerful stream can make it a lot easier for you to do the job!


So there you have it, ten reasons why getting a pressure washer can make your life a whole lot easier. Sure, they might not seem like such a big deal at first glance, but once you get one and see how many different things they can help you clean up around the house and yard, you’ll be wondering what all the fuss lot of the products are not widely available in other countries.

Please note that this article may be written from a US perspective, and some steps might not apply to other countries. However, the important message I hope you get is that your pressure washer can be used to help clean your house in multiple ways because of its powerful stream of water! This means one more miniature scrubbing brush for you to clean with and one less bucket of water for you to mop up!

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