How to Ensure a USB-C Fast Charging Cable Serves You for Long


A USB-C fast charging cable is a worthy investment. It allows you to charge your phone at high speeds. It also allows fast data transfer between your devices. A USB-C charging cable is also reversible and easy to use. A closer look at the Ugreen website will reveal that the USB-C charging cables are affordable despite being certified. With all the said USB c wire benefits, making your USB-C fast charging cable last for long would be wise because it will continue giving you the service you want. So, how do you keep your cable safe and functional for long?

Ways to make sure your USB-C fast charging cable lasts for long

Maintaining your USB-C cable should be a priority. The challenge is that some people do not know how to maintain USB-C cables properly. For this reason, this article discusses how you can make your USB c charger cable serve you for a long time. Here are the five best approaches.

Clean the USB-C port

Most people do not recognize that USB-C charging cables require cleaning. However, this is far from the truth; USB-C charging cables can be cleaned. Cleaning your device’s USB-C charging port can help maintain your charger cable. The dirt and debris in the port can get into the cables, causing them to stop working because of breaking their pins.

Use the correct cleaning approach

Cleaning a USB-C port can be a tricky task. While there are many ways to do this, finding the right one for your device can be hard. Using compressed air, toothpicks, or a cotton swab with alcohol, you can clean the port. Ensure to be careful when cleaning, especially using toothpicks to prevent damaging your device. A dirty USB-C port can also make connecting a new cable to your device difficult. Apart from damaging your USB-C cable, it may also damage your device permanently.

Proper storage

You can make your USB-C cable last long by storing it correctly. For instance, do not store it with metal items like a bunch of keys. The metal items may hasten the cables’ wear and tear. Additionally, you can store the cables correctly by folding them. Ensure to fold them in a circle to prevent the internal wires from breaking or bending. Additionally, it would help organize your cable with a band or bag when you are not using it.

Remove it from the socket promptly

Leaving your charger in the socket for too long, even after charging, can also cause damage. It may reduce the charging and transfer speeds. Therefore, removing your charger from the socket promptly can help.

Use them correctly

Using the cables correctly can also help maintain them. For instance, do not plug them into larger or smaller devices than the connector. Plugging in the cables correctly will reduce the chances of unexpected damage.


The USB-C cable is the latest release with a highly convenient reversible connector. It is common among smartphone users. Once you buy your cable from Ugreen, the tips above will ensure that your cable lasts as long as possible.

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