How to choose the right indoor LED power supply


The indoor LED power supply is crucial in ensuring an 85% and above efficiency in indoor LEDs. The critical point is that LEDs require a suitable power supply to operate efficiently. For instance,  Linear power supply dc ensures that one’s linear lighting has regulated DC-voltages. They use a linear regulator to change unregulated to regulated dc. Thus, knowing the best-LED power supply is crucial. This article will help you choose the correct power supply.

1.      Your LED’s voltage

The voltage present on your indoor LED power supply should be compatible with the one present in your LED device. Thus, before you buy the LED power supply, confirm the voltage of your device. Ensure that the power supply can sustain the input voltage efficiently. Also, the power supply’s efficiency depends on the line voltage location. Different countries have varying requirements. Some have a high line and others a low line AC-power. Thus, ensure that the line power and power supply are compatible depending on your location.

2.      Confirm the correct wattage for your indoor LED power supply

The amount of wattage your lights will use should play an essential role in your buying decision. The best way to calculate the watts is by summing up the total watts you need for all your lights. Then add a 20% cushion on the total watts. You can also calculate by multiplying 1.2 and the total wattage. The amount you arrive at is your power supply’s wattage.

3.      Weather and temperature

Different regions have varying weather and temperatures. The weather conditions present should play a crucial role in your power supply buying decision. Power supplies work if they are present within their correct weather parameters. The power supply you choose should have the necessary specifications to operate safely within a particular weather range. Also, ensure that your power supply is not in a position that can overheat quickly.

4.      Dimmable indoor LED power supply

If your LEDs lighting is dimmable, ensure that the power supply you choose has dimming abilities. You can determine whether a power supply has dimming capabilities by checking the specification requirement. The specifications will have exact details of what to expect from the power supply.

5.      Size of the indoor LED power supply

It is important to note where you would install the power supply. The position of the power supply will determine its size. For instance, if you want to place it inside the item you are manufacturing, it should be small enough. If you are going to put it outside your device, it should be large enough. The indoor LED power supply is present in different shapes and sizes in the market. Thus, ensure to select the size and shape that resonates well with you.

6.      Efficiency levels

The efficiency of the LED driver determines the necessary power amount needed to make the LEDs light up. Also, high efficient LED power supply ensures you save on power costs. The best efficiency level is one of 80% and above.


The correct indoor LED power supply will determine how effectively your LED device will work or not. Therefore, picking the right power source for your LEDs is always essential. The above factors will help you get one that is compatible with your device and location.

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