How Does An Android Box Work? (Pros and Cons)


The android box connects to the TV via an HDMI port and sets the TV for the correct HDMI input. The android box requires a stable connection to run properly; therefore, set it up to the internet via an Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi. Once the box is connected to a stable internet, it can perform its functions as explained here at

Sign into your google account to be able to download applications, or you can download APK files for the applications to run on the box if you do not want to use your Google account. Applications are downloaded via the Google play store, which offers a wide range of applications. After setting up, your android box can run without the internet due to its internal storage.

The android box has chrome cast support and Bluetooth for you to cast your screen directly from your phone or laptop to your TV. If you are gaming, the android box has extra ports for you to connect the gaming consoles, mouse, keyboard, and any other peripheral devices to upscale your gaming experience.

Advantages of Using an Android Box

1. It is Less Costly

The android box is cheaper than a smart TV but the services offered are the same. Paying for cable TV is more costly than monthly subscriptions to applications on the android box. Looking at all the features that come with an android box, the difference in cost is huge.

2. Has Multimedia Streaming

The android box has the latest applications that allow live TV and HD video content and films. Combined with the Kodi media center, it offers exceptional entertainment.

3. Entertainment On The Go

Whether you are traveling on vacation or staying at a luxury hotel, you can carry your android box with you and get entertained wherever you are. The android box is compact and small, therefore easy to carry.

4. Improves The Quality And Feel Of Gaming

With the android box, you will get various Android-powered games that you won’t get when using VA cable TV. You will get to experience the videogames in amazing HD graphics on the TV via your box. Once you connect the game consoles or any other peripheral devices, the gaming experience gets even more fascinating.

Disadvantages of Using an Android TV Box

1. Android TV Boxes Are Slower

Android boxes have slower and smaller processors compared to smart TV’s thus are generally slower. If buffering and low speeds are not your cup of tea, then a smart TV may be suitable for you.

2. Firmware Updates Are Not Always Updated

Depending on the provider, updates may take longer to be integrated into an android box, unlike smart TVs where the firmware automatically updates. If an app has been updated to work well with the latest Android software, you will not be able to enjoy the new features, especially if the firmware updates have not occurred.


The android box has a user-friendly interface and is easy to operate. The box is affordable, has multimedia streaming, improves the quality and feel of gaming, and is portable entertainment which outweighs the fact that they are slower and take longer for the firmware to update.

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